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from Rev. C. Nels Ledwell
A Wonderful Prayer Walk!
Some years ago I visited with a close friend, who is a retired pastor that often attended the Church I was serving. He told me that one of his favorite things to do every day was to walk for about 3 hours in the country. I asked him what he thought about each day during those three hour walks. I admit I was unprepared for the answer. In his answer he credited another pastor, Kenneth W. Collins for helping him in his daily walks and to pass the time.
How did he make these walks even more meaningful? Using Rev. Collins’ outline listed below, he used the walking Lord’s Prayer. Here are his words.
“On my walks sometimes I devote the time to prayer, and I have found that the Lord’s Prayer makes a good outline. Here’s how I do it:
I address God as my Father by adoption through the grace of Jesus Christ and give thanks for His salvation.
I pledge to keep His name holy in all my conduct. I remind Him of ways I have done this in the past, and ask Him forgiveness for all the ways I have failed to do so as well.
I ask that His will be done, here on earth through me, as efficiently as it is done by His angels in heaven. I give examples of how I think I could do that; I ask His guidance and pledge my obedience.
I ask for my material needs for the day, itemizing and discussing them. I give thanks for specific instances of His providence in the past.
I ask forgiveness, but only to the degree I am willing to forgive others. If I have a problem, I discuss it in detail.
If I am facing any particular temptations, I discuss them and ask God to help me resist them. If I have recently survived any tough tests, I discuss them and thank God that He gave me the power to overcome them.
I tell God about the evil things that frighten me, and ask Him to deliver me from them. I also give thanks for past rescues.
You get the idea. When you pray like this, it’s amazing how time flies!”
Are you spending time praying with God?
See you in Church or online this Sunday.
Your Pastor,

Preparing for Worship

July , 2024 10:00 AM
Eighth Sunday After Pentecost
Scripture Lesson: Ephesians 1: 3-14
Message: “Graced, Chosen, Adopted” 

Acts of Kindness

Kindness Update – Remembering All of God’s People!

Not only did I enjoy Jesus’ gift of Freedom last week, spending beach time with my family– I also enjoyed the beautiful gift of shared kindness stories, and I think you will, too! Special thanks to Sue Mitchell and Judi Bouchard for stories 1 and 2 – and to the special friend who sent the website kindness entry – all these heartwarming stories remind us to care for all of God’s people!
Kindness Story 1: In 2006, Gordon Hartman observed his daughter, Morgan, wanting to play with other vacationing kids at a hotel swimming pool, but the kids were leery of Morgan and didn’t want to interact with her. Then and there, Gordon resolved to create opportunities and places where those with and without disabilities can come together for fun and a better understanding of one another.
On April 10, 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas became the world’s first theme park designed with individuals with special needs in mind -a place where everyone can play! From a wheelchair-accessible Ferris wheel to catch-and-release fishing, there is truly something for everyone!
In 2017, the Ultra-Accessible™ theme park opened its expansion, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, named on TIME Magazine’s 2018 “World’s Greatest Places” list. Through the power of inclusive play, the park strives to bring together guests of all ages and all abilities. Sue reported seeing that some friends were on their way to this park as a gift from someone in their church -a nice gesture!
Kindness Story 2: (From a favorite source-READERS’ DIGEST) “Among the more heart-wrenching scenarios is a funeral that no one attends. Andy Jackson, of Dundee, Scotland, is on a crusade to make sure no one dies unremembered. He attends funerals that others don’t, even going as far as to say a few words about the deceased-often in the form of poetry gleaned from whatever info he can find. Sometimes a photo of the deceased. He calls his endeavor the Lonely Funerals project and hopes it spreads. “If we want to live in a humane country”, he says, “these are the little things we can do for people”.
Website Kindness Entry This Week: As Linda writes about each week, kindness can spread to others without our knowing. We were with our son in NC and very worried about leaving him and his wife. Soon, one call after another from friends and neighbors poured in. One neighbor mowed the lawn, another set up a schedule of friends to walk their dog, and yet more brought food over. We were able to leave, knowing they were being quietly taken care of!
Have you seen God today? If you see God at work this week, there are two ways you can share what you saw!
1) Be a blessing to others by sharing your Act of Kindness (no names please) on our website, or use this link! Then check back each week to learn how others are passing on acts of kindness! The link is
2) There is a Kindness box in the library on the window sill, along with paper and pencil. Share your God-Wink, perhaps someone else will be inspired!


We are considering training a new class of Stephen Ministers this fall. We need at least 6 people to have a class. To find out more about becoming a Stephen Minister, we wear those blue nametags when we are at church.
A Stephen Ministry Job Description and Application are on the Stephen Minister Bulletin Board and in our church mailbox by the church office. To hand the application in, place it in the Stephen Ministry Mailbox by the church office, hand it into the office, or give it to one of the Stephen Ministers. Applications are due by August 1st.
Want to learn more? Check out this website!


If you are experiencing any type of difficulty and you need someone to listen to you, with whom you can share your feelings and receive acceptance and Christian love, please consider being in a relationship with a Stephen Minister at MMC.
Start by calling Pastor Nels or one of the Stephen Leaders and begin a ‘fellowship’ with a Stephen Minister. We may be reached through the church office at (864) 852-2394.


The Congregational Care Committee wants you to know they are there to help you if you ever need transportation, meals or a visitor! Please contact Kim Jackson if you or someone you know needs help or if you would like to be added to the list of volunteers.

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Upcoming Events



Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Methodist Way class had to be postponed until a later date.
Watch for an announcement for the new dates.


Are Ya Living the Sermon? will continue the month of July on Thursdays at 10AM. No planning necessary, no homework just listen to Nels and we discuss. 



Dinner will be served at 5:30 followed by an episode of The Chosen. There will be small group discussions after each episode. Suggested weekly donation for dinner is $7.
You are welcome at any/all of the episodes, it’s fine if you cannot attend all of them.
Sign ups are in the Fellowship Hall.


ALL women are invited to attend the women’s retreat, which will be on September 6th and 7th at Elijah Clark State Park in the Beach House.
It will be the 2nd annual Fabulous Fun Sisters in Faith and we are hoping for a great turnout!
All the women of the church are welcome, and we are extending an invitation to other women who may be interested.
More details and a sign up will be available soon. Mark your calendars!




Mark those calendars! The church picnic will be on Sunday, September 22.
It will start with a service at 10AM. Plan to bring a neighbor or new friend!
More details to follow!

OCTOBER 5 – 9am to 2pm

The spots in the Fellowship Hall have been filled, and there is a waiting list!
We can still take about six more in tents outside.. then we will stop taking vendors and do up a waiting list in case of cancellations.
Tents are wonderful in that there is more room, wares do not have to be hand-done (however, many are!), and it only costs $25! You do have to provide your own tents, but we have men available to help you put them up and take them down. This is perfect for groups. The Lions Club is returning to sell afghans and brooms. .plus talk to folks about their group’s mission.
If you are interested, or know of someone who is interested, contact Barb Shelley.


The church family has been invited to a “Hobo Supper” at the Meyer’s Farm! More details to follow… but meanwhile, add to your calendar! You won’t want to miss the fun!